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Protect your business environment, your employees, your customers or your family at home, from Viruses & Bacteria

Ideal for Offices, Call centers, Doctors’ offices, Dentists, Homes, Shops, Gyms, Medical facilities, Busses, Cars, Taxi’s & Schools.

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Our products are used in the mining industry

Hospitality & Catering

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Our products have been used in the medical field for years.

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Protect the things that matter  most to you.


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Perfect for the transport industry ensuring the safety of your employees and your clients

A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Choose LIFE, take charge of YOUR health!

As a transformation coach who specialize in helping people overcome their hardest challenges in life, helping them redesign themselves in spectacular ways, grow and glow beyond what they ever expected they can be, I have always been a huge fan of physical health

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Being in the corporate industry as well as having run my own gym for over 25 years

I have first hand experiencing how personal health effects peoples ability to function,I  have early on realized the importance of taking charge of ones health to support a healthy mind. And by this I don’t mean muscles, I mean ensuring a strong immune system and doing as much as one can to protect oneself from being attacked by common viruses and bacteria that bring our immune system down, re-infect our loved ones and ultimately cause endless doctors’ bills and downtime from work and prevent us from enjoyingour personal pleasures.

It is with this that during this challenging time we all face right now, that I have decided to step up and not only help people protect and grow their lives and minds but also help them to make informed decisions to protect themselves and their bodies for good health



So What did I do ?

I have established an awesome business unit for my Project YBF Covid19 (Corona)

What our team does for this Project is to not only try combat Covid19 by keeping people more healthy and their immune systems uncompromised. More importantly, our aim is to empower households, businesses and individuals to enable themselves to protect themselves against viruses and bacteria. Reduce their risk dramatically to fall ill as well as reinfection to spread.

We supply and install 3 remarkable devices that was previously only been used and know to the medical industry in Intensive Care Units in some hospitals, Operating Theatres, TB clinics and medical sample testing facilities to keep these environments free of viruses and bacteria. You will understand why this has not been used widely over the years as yet, as sick people bring in a lot of money for a lot of industries. These devices are all accredited, tested and proved for their efficacy and effectiveness.


What are the benefits ?

The benefits besides the obvious is endless

At home you protect yourself and your family, if you have parents that are frail and stay in a retirement home, this is ideal to help them protect their health. As a business owner, this is a must for your offices, protecting your staff from falling ill and re-infecting each other, less sick leave taken, more productive people, eliminating sick building syndrome, less impact on your business due to illness. Less medical bills less time off work, less loss of income for those that lose income when they can’t work due to illness, less risk of sick leave running out…less stress trying to catch up work once you return after being ill and less strain on other employees when critical staff are off sick.

I can talk on and on about this but let’s get to the nitty gritty as that’s why you here. Below, detailed information and links to the individual products, so you can see for yourself what these amazing devices can do for you or your business.



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